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Take a look at previews to all our Energy Efficient Articles. These energy efficient articles provide great insight and they help you see the most practical places to begin improving your homes energy efficiency.

The Truth About Money Saving Electric Heaters The Truth About Money Saving Electric Heaters
David Nelmes
We have all seen the ads to cut heating bills in half with a $400 to $600 space-age electric heater. Some even sport a 'free' fireplace hand-crafted by the Amish. Are these deals too good to be true?
Searching for Your Green Career Aha Moment? Searching for Your Green Career Aha Moment?
Green Career Central
Aha moments have transformed the careers, education choices, and retirement decisions for many people. For a jolt of inspiration, read their stories to gain insight in your quest for a green career.
Energy Saving Improvements For Older Homes Energy Saving Improvements For Older Homes
David Nelmes
Making energy saving home improvements is vital to reducing the power and fuel consumption of older homes. We'll help you discover how to reduce the energy costs on older homes that have little insulation and multiple sources of drafts.
Energy Saving Tips for Renters Energy Saving Tips for Renters
David Nelmes
You can reduce your home energy costs, even if you rent. If you are paying for heat, air conditioning, electricity or hot water, you could reduce these costs by making energy saving home improvements that pay you back with lower energy bills.
Top Ten Energy Saving Guarantees
What energy saving tips or ideas for going green work? This top ten collection of energy saving guarantees have been proven to save energy and save money while also being affordable enough for almost anyone.
Breakthrough Design Cuts LED Light Bulb Cost
New LED screw-in replacement bulbs are the first LED flood lights to use a patented cooling technology that makes them 40% cheaper, providing a 2 year payback with typical usage. Their 35,000 hour lifetime provides 12 years of use at 8 hours per day.
Author Explores Ways To Save Energy
In quest for greener living, a man from Drums, PA finds it's better to stop wasting energy than buy pricey wind turbine and solar energy systems. He learned that by first conserving energy, he would more easily afford a renewable energy system.
New Guide to Offsetting Your Vehicle's Carbon Footprint
Global warming has become a very harsh reality which is largely due to the amount of CO2 emissions that humanity is pumping out into the atmosphere. We have some suggestions which can help you to offset the damage done daily by your vehicle.
New EasyPak Sustainable Recycling Program is a Perfect Fit
Facilities that need a simple, cost-effective way to recycle their fluorescent bulbs, CFLs, batteries, ballasts, and electronic waste can now perform these tasks by using the EasyPak Sustainable Recycling Program through LampRecycling.com.
Solar Interest Heating Up in America
Shorter payback times for solar power systems along with a greater environmental awareness has lead to a recent spike of web site traffic linked to solar power. While historical spikes had been geographically specific, interest is now nationwide.
New Energy Guide Takes the Guesswork Out of Saving Energy
A new energy guide helps to identify which energy efficient changes save more money more quickly, allowing consumers to better decide which green choices are worth the cost.
Energy Saving Home Improvements That Pay Back Quickly
Any plan for saving energy should always start with the simplest and most basic improvements, but first, let's put things into perspective and create a clear motivation as to why the small steps are so important and can be so rewarding.
TexasIsHot Campaign Aims To Help Texans Save Billions
With a focus on energy efficiency, the TexasIsHot campaign is geared towards making it as easy as possible for Texans to make energy efficiency a normal part of everyday life by helping them change consumption habits to save billions of dollars.
Alternative Home Heating System also Generates Electricity
New alternative home heating system uses a Honda generator to generate 1.2 kilowatts of electric power whenever the home calls for heat. Nearly all the heat created by the generator is recycled to heat the home, with savings up to $1,000 a year.
Zero Emission Bus Tour Hails Future of Commercial Transit
The EcoRide BE35, a zero emission fast-charge battery electric bus, kicked-off the first ever California Clean Bus Tour. This bus is designed to help communities significantly reduce air and noise pollution while cutting down vehicle operating costs.
Small Wind Turbine Technologies Dominate Wind Energy Show
Incredible developments in small-wind turbine technologies have spawn a number of new turbine designs focused on the under 1 kW segment of the market. Vertical axis wind turbines and squirrel cage designs dominated the small wind category.
The Energy Aware Express Journey Promotes Renewable Energy
You are invited to tag along as a family from Nampa, Idaho undertakes a cross-country road trip in a biodiesel-powered motor home to raise awareness of the benefits of renewable energy.
New Lithium Battery Replaces Toxic NiCd and NiMh Batteries
Apogee's patented LiCoO2 and C-LiFePO4 battery packs and cordless tools are a breakthough, cost effective, GREEN technology that can replace toxic NiCd and NiMh batteries. This can eliminate toxic lead and cadmium from the battery market.
T5 LED Light Tubes Provide Energy Efficient Profile Lighting
The T5 LED light tube incorporates the latest in technology and offers increased lighting flexibility in tight spaces and low profile applications. This high output, energy-efficient product was designed to ensure the highest of quality and design.
Daily Podcast from EVcast Informs You About Electric Cars
According to EVcast, 2009 will be a promising year when it comes to electrified transportation, but due to the recent economic challenges, we may have to wait a little longer for the year of the electric car.
New Guide Helps Save Money on Energy Bills
GreenandMore.com announces their latest guide to help the planet for Earth Day by helping you learn how to reduce energy usage. Earth Day is an opportunity to spread the message that everyone can reduce energy usage with a few simple changes.
Why Weatherize Your Home?
Although many people go the extra mile and weatherize their homes well, many others do very little or nothing at all to seal their homes and conserve energy. Let's see if we can't change this.
Wave Goodbye To Energy Hungry Cooling Systems
The EnergySaver Home Cooling system is energy efficient and does not contribute to blackouts and energy grid problems as do central air systems. The system is whisper quiet when running and it eliminates the need for large amounts of roof venting.
Energy Efficiency Can Save Billions for Consumers
An important study by the MEEA, documents current residential energy usage and potential energy savings realized by implementing simple energy efficiency measures. The study concludes that consumers can save billions while helping the environment.
Five Myths Hindering The Use of Alternative Fuels
The leading myths concerning high fuel costs and fuel shortages hinder the development and deployment of alternative fuels including electric, ethanol, methanol, butanol, di-methyl either (DME), bio-diesel, bio-methane and hydrogen.

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