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VAWT's or Vertical Axis Wind Turbines are an economical alternative for residential and small commercial applications where wind power can now be harnessed at lower wind speeds and without substantially tall towers.

VAWT Are We Talking About?

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines, VAWT's are easy to spot because their turbine axis points straight up, or vertical, thus, Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.

For residential and small commercial applications, wind power can now be harnessed at lower wind speeds

Due to the unique design of their vertically installed blades, VAWT's are less affected by turbulent air than standard horizontal axis wind turbines or HAWT's. This makes VAWT's better suited for residential areas where obstacles such as other houses, buildings and trees generally disturb the airflow.

Mounting a VAWT in your backyard or on top of a pole that runs along side the height of a building is significantly less expensive than the installation of HAWT's since horizontal axis wind turbines require a very tall pole or tower that must have an acre or more of horizontal clearance. Their inflexible requirements can add thousands to the material and labor necessary to install a wind turbine.

What makes VAWT's so great to work with?

  • They're a more economical alternative for residential and small commercial applications as compared to HAWT's
  • They require a lower wind speed to self-start which increases their capacity to serve areas with lower than average wind speeds.
  • They rotate at 1/3 to 1/4 the speed as HAWT's which reduces their noise and vibration levels.
  • For many residential situations, whether it be in the city or the suburbs, VAWT's are the only option at all if you want to harness the power of wind, but own less than two acres of land (most of us).

Which VAWT Do We Recommend?

Hands down for residential applications, the only Vertical Axis Wind Turbine that is both cost effective and practical to utilize in the WePOWER Falcon 3.4kW Grid-Tie Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. The Falcon 3.4kW is an affordable, efficient, hassle-free small-wind power generation system that utilizes innovative technology to operate in winds as light as 2.7 m/s (6.7 mph).

The ECO1200 provides more than 3.4 kwH of emissions-free electricity per year, enabling consumers to become more energy independent, save money on their utility bills and reduce their personal carbon footprints over the life of the turbine by over 27 tons.

Falcon 3.4kW Wind Turbine Power Calculator

See if the Falcon 3.4kW0 Wind Turbine is Right for You - Get an estimated analysis of wind turbine yearly output, tax incentives, installed costs and payback periods.

1. Determine Your Available Wind Speed

Note: Some states not listed due to insufficient or negligible wind data.

>> Enter Your Potential Wind Speed and Format:
mph    m/s

2. Provide Information About Your Power Needs

Review your electrical utility bills for last years total KWH (kilowatt hours) used, or multiply your monthly average by 12 to get a close estimate.

>> I use KWH per year.

Provide your current cost per KWH. To factor in various rates, taxes and fees, divide the monthly total amount due by the amount of kwh's used.

>> I pay an average of $0. per KWH.

The Falcon 3.4kW comes ready to install for almost any home or small office building, needing a pole height of as little as 18ft.

The WePOWER Falcon 3.4kW Grid-Tie Vertical Axis Wind Turbine provides a lower cost and practical application for almost any home, and makes this a true part of our worlds energy answer, plus it directly supports world environmental issues by helping to reduce our demand for foreign fossil fuel.

Primary Features of the WePOWER Falcon 3.4kW Grid-Tie Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

  • Aesthetically and Architecturally Pleasing
  • Seamless Integration into any Environment
  • Environmentally Friendly - Bird Safe & No Hazardous Fluids
  • No Gears, Few Moving Parts
  • Nearly Silent, No Flicker and No Vibration
  • Omni-Directional, Captures Wind from any Direction
  • Extremely Durable and Weather Resistant
  • Built-in Braking System
  • Virtually No Maintenance
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • 15-Year Engineered Life Expectancy

If you are serious about becoming less dependent on fossil fuels, but don't have the land space necessary for standard HAWT's, installing a VAWT, such as the WePOWER Falcon 3.4kW Grid-Tie Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, is a significant and important step towards achieving freedom from the bondage and damage of fossil fuels.






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