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solar power sizing, solar power panels, solar power, informed decision, installation costs, payback period, solar energy, pv, photovoltaics, sizing calculator,  available contractorsUse This Solar Power Sizing Calculator

Solar power sizing calculator helps determine the amount of solar power panels needed, the estimated installation costs and payback period necessary to make an informed decision about using solar energy.

To prepare for your solar sizing calculation, it will help to make a quick list of the following information:

  • Your state
  • Your county
  • Your current power or utility provider
  • Are you collecting data for your 'Home' or 'Business'?
  • Which aspect of solar energy are you interested in?
    • The creation of electricity (PV - PhotoVoltaics)
      • Avg monthly electric bill amount in dollars
      • or the amount of KWH used per year
      • or the per season cost for power
    • The creation of hot water for showers, dishes and laundry
      • Number of people in the home
    • Heating your spa or pool water
      • Approx size (L xW) of pool or spa

After getting this information, simply follow the link below to the solar sizing calculator that will provide all the information you might need.

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