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Energy Efficient Choices - Creating Hot Water Efficiently

Energy Efficient Choices

Creating Hot Water Efficiently

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Hot Water Expenses Can Cool Down

An excerpt from ‘The Rewards of Making Energy-Efficient Choices’ by David Nelmes :

Next to heating and cooling, the second-largest consumption of energy in the home is due to the creation and storage of hot water for showers, baths, laundry, and dishes.

Until recently, the most efficient method you could possibly use to create hot water was by using tankless water heaters that ran primarily on natural gas or propane. With these heaters, water is instantly heated to temperature only as it is needed. Their great benefit is that no water is stored, so there is very little waste.

Electric Hot Water Sources

Imagine a virtually endless stream of hot water as you fill your whirlpool bath or hot tub. Imagine taking a piping hot shower and you were the fifth person in line at the bathroom door. Somebody did imagine this, and now we have virtually endless hot water exactly when we need it and for as long as we need it.

The first step to saving energy is to stop wasting it. This is exactly what the concept of hot water on demand provides. With this form of system, there is little or no need to pre-heat or temper the ground water temperature since the tankless heater instantly brings the water up to temperature.

The downside with electric hot water on demand is that most homes would require a service upgrade to a 400 amp service. When building a new home, this could be seamlessly woven into the construction, but for a renovation, upgrading your service box, meter and incoming wiring may not be sufficient since the line coming to your home may be inadequate. You will want to contact the electric company to make it clear that you will be drawing short term intervals of massive power so they could replace their incoming line if necessary.

Another electric fix mentioned in the book is the heat pump water heater. Since most homes are already geared up to include a storage tank while creating hot water, this system is easy to integrate.

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Solar Water Heating

Since my geographic location of living in Northeast Pennsylvania is on the lower end of the sun index, I initially did not put too much stock in solar water heating, but I'm coming around. I have to remind myself from time to time that any source of free heat or free energy should be pursued if it is something that is affordable to do.

Even though I wrote the book, I sometimes must remind myself that there are habits I too have yet to change. Just because I am aware of a better course to pursue, doesn't mean it is second nature at first. All the changes mentioned in the book require the release of old habits and the creation of new habits. The overall goal of my book was to simply direct you towards the newer habits that would be the most helpful.

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