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Energy Efficient Choices - The Book's Preface

Energy Efficient Choices

The Book's Preface

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Starting With a Good Foundation

An excerpt from ‘The Rewards of Making Energy-Efficient Choices’ by David Nelmes :

My work as an assistant electrical construction engineer on three nuclear power plants provided me with a firm belief that quality is an absolute necessity if you wish to build anything worthwhile.

That dedication to quality became infused in every career step I followed, including many years when I focused my career on the heating and air conditioning profession.

The Beginning

Every now and then in life, you turn a corner that has the wonderful potential to change the rest of your life in a positive way. This is what happened when I worked for Bechtel Power Corporation at the Susquehanna Steam Electric Station near Berwick, Pennsylvania in the early 1980's.

I helped build that nuclear power plant for two years, followed by four more years assisting in the building of the Hope Creek Generating Station near Salem, New Jersey and the Limerick Generating Station near Norristown, Pennsylvania.

Having come from a section of the coal regions where change and diversification were severely stunted, my life was rejuvenated when this line of work thrust me into a world where growth and expansion were embraced. I also had the privilege to work next to many of the finest electrical engineers from all around the world, from all races and nationalities—and I was amazed and also thankful that the general environment was pleasantly professional and generally uplifting.

In a similar fashion, our countries choice to go green by changing how we make energy in the world is also a major life-changing event—and not just for me, but for anyone who wishes to participate. This is a time where all good things have great potential. Embrace the change and become a part of why it is successful and a part of why our country is healed.

Change—any change, is better than no change at all. Our nations choice to seriously and whole heartedly pursue renewable energy sources is a wonderful choice and a change that will open even more doors for positive change in the decades to come.

This choice for change will create a strong foundation upon which we can build a stronger country. Forget and set aside any fear mongering about why we don't need to change, because these conservative issues are based upon the fear of change, not the embrace of change.

Be part of the change and be part of this strong base. This same philosophy is what helped me grow in a positive direction and it will also help you grow in a positive direction as well.

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A Renewed Focus

Since having written the original Preface, oil prices soared over $140 a barrel and later plummeted as the U.S. economy was shattered.

Not knowing what to expect from oil and energy prices as the winter of 2008 approached, a colleague of mine asked if I could setup a home weatherizing program to help people reduce their home heating costs. It took a few weeks to put together a system of inspection, pricing and installation, but I had it up and running by October.

By the end of November 2008, with such large numbers of people losing their jobs, I thought it might be a good thing to share what I learned while creating the home weatherization inspection and repair system. This new or renewed focus resulted in the development of an entire web site and membership system for home weatherization called Weatherize America.

Overall, my focus is to do what I can to stay in the moment and see what is the most helpful thing to do at the time to be helpful in whatever way I can.

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Moving Forward

So, what's next? What's next is something good for this country and the entire world. What's next is for us all to become a collective of like-minded individuals who choose to have a say in how we obtain our energy. By doing so, we can all choose to push renewable energy creation to the forefront of how we generate power so that 2018 has none of the energy issues experienced in 2008.

I would like to pass on a reminder that falling oil or energy prices should not influence any decision to slow down or refrain from pursuing renewable energy sources. Although the rise in fuel prices had lit the fire to once again embrace renewable power, let's just keep this ball rolling because it is inevitable that fuel prices will rise again and we want to enter that situation with working options already on the table and well underway.

Be energy efficient, and be a winner!


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