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Energy Efficient Choices - Powering Your Vehicle Domestically

Energy Efficient Choices

Powering Your Vehicle Domestically

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Get Yourself a Clean Green Machine

An excerpt from ‘The Rewards of Making Energy-Efficient Choices’ by David Nelmes :

The final and ultimate method of taking control of your energy use is to say good-bye to the gas pumps and say hello to using electric and/or U.S.-supplied fuels to power your vehicle.

As with any new innovation, these vehicles can be expensive, but prices are dropping, and their demand has risen significantly since our demand for oil has dramatically increased fuel costs.

Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

Well, the big 3 auto makers, including GM—ya know, the company that killed their own electric car a few years ago, are in a sorry state these days. There are a lot of different reasons, but one thing I know would have helped them was if they did a better job at focusing on making cars that were energy efficient as compared to making vehicles that would profit them the most.

I know profit is important, but when it's all that drives you, you are bound to make mistakes and eventually lose track of the audience that will be the ones purchasing your product, as did the big three.

So, what's in the future, as I mentioned in the book, we're still keeping an eye on the Chevy Volt, but not much else has become a reality since I wrote the book—and that's just been a few weeks, so I'll let some more time pass before adding things not already mentioned in the book.

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