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Energy Efficient Choices - The Book's Introduction

Energy Efficient Choices

The Book's Introduction

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Motivation For Being Green

An excerpt from ‘The Rewards of Making Energy-Efficient Choices’ by David Nelmes :

This book was created to guide you in making practical, energy efficient choices in your home that are affordable and helpful to the environment, while also providing you with financial rewards for your energy-related investments.

Although my focus rests primarily on the economics of saving energy and being conservative with our resources, this is not intended to overshadow the wonderful benefits our environment reaps as well.

It's Electric

My overall goal is to promote a new lifestyle where we embrace renewable power sources above all other forms of energy. In this respect, I am not against the continued use of fossil fuels while we rebuild our power generating systems, however, I would prefer we simply viewed fossil fuels as a way we did things in the past, without making any major plans of using them in our future.

Weaning off fossil fuels will take time, so do be patient with those who have trouble letting go, because as the Big 3 Automakers showed, if and when anyone embraces that which is not best, they will eventually hit bottom and will again be faced with making the choice of doing what is best and not just what they thought would benefit them the most.

The ironic thing is that if the Big 3 Automakers had gone full force into making electric and workable hybrid cars, a thing they feared would hurt them, they would not be experiencing the level of loss they are experiencing today and may have even seen an up-swing in business instead.

It's quite possible that it may take twenty years or more to begin a solid turn-around where our habits and desires have changed significantly enough to keep our focus on renewable power sources. Part of this delay has to do with the level of self gratification we have all become accustomed to. We got used to super sizing everything—and this uses power.

Little by little we can learn to wean ourselves from the excessive indulgences that lead us to this point in history, while at the same time we strongly pursue the construction of wind turbine farms, solar power farms, tidal power farms, hydroelectric dams and more affordable residential scale wind turbines and solar energy systems.

The silver lining in our current cloud is that when we fully accomplish the task of replacing the use of fossil fuels with renewable energy sources, we will discover we have an endless supply of non-polluting, almost free power and this will liberate us on so many levels. We will be free from having to war with nations because they have a toxic black liquid we require. We will be free from wondering how we will make it through the winter without freezing. We will be free from the toxic effects that fossil fuels had previously bathed us in. We will be free.

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About Global Warming

I have chosen to stay somewhat neutral on the subject of global warming so that I could emphasize instead the wonderful side effect where the topic of global warming has provided us with a greater awareness of how we may be affecting our environment.

Is the planet warming? Is this part of a natural planetary heating and cooling cycle? Has our release of carbon dioxide and various toxins over the past 100 years taken a toll on the worlds environment? Will the planet cool down if we stop emitting carbon dioxide?

I don't have the answers to these questions, however, there is no doubt that the things that are blamed as the cause for global warming are also the things that are unarguably polluting the earth's air and water, so forget global warming for a moment and let's focus on the real issue—pollution.

Pollution, on any scale, can have side effects that will affect us all. Whether we refer to the Texas sized mass of plastic debris forming in the Pacific Ocean, or take a look at the massive algae and smog issue China had to contend with to prepare for the Olympics—it's hard not to see how we have made a profound and negative impact on our environment.

Some agree that we are polluting the planet, but highly oppose any idea that we may be warming the planet, and to that I say, if the reports are right, why would you not want to be a part of the answer, and if the reports are wrong, how is it hurting you that many people have chosen to pursue less destructive and less poisonous ways of creating energy?

Guilt often plays a big role where an individual appears to oppose something that is otherwise a good idea. If and when a person feels guilty about having been a cause of a problem, they can choose to either change their ways and become a part of the answer or they can choose to not take any responsibility for their actions and reinforce their irrational position by attacking those who are trying to be helpful.

Knowing this about anyone who opposes a better thing, I don't get upset because I realize they are aware of the part they played in creating the problem, otherwise they would not oppose its resolution so earnestly. Since I know they know, there is no reason for me to attempt to convince them any further. My only role is to pursue what I desire and patiently wait for them to see there is nothing to feel guilty about because the past is gone and cannot be undone. At any time, they can choose to set the guilt aside and simply embrace a new direction where we stop polluting and stop adding carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere. It's very simple.

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