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Energy Efficient Choices - Funding and Loan Sources

Energy Efficient Choices

Funding and Loan Sources

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Excuse Me, Can I Borrow...?

An excerpt from ‘The Rewards of Making Energy-Efficient Choices’ by David Nelmes :

Many of my energy-conservation ideas can be performed gradually on your existing budget. If you are looking to perform any major upgrades, such as insulating your home, replacing your windows and doors, installing a solar water heating system, or installing a renewable energy system using wind or solar power, it may be necessary to borrow money today so that you can reap the benefits for all the years to come.

Financing Opportunities and Perks

Banks have really tightened their grip on providing loans, plus, since many of us have lost jobs or seen our wages drop, our credit scores are also taking a beating, so is there a beam of sunshine anywhere in the weeks and years to come—there certainly is.

Many northern states, including Pennsylvania have provided additional funding and grants for those who wish to install renewable energy items such as solar panels, wind turbines, solar water heaters, heat pumps and many other energy efficient odds and ends.

My suggestion is to ride it ourt and follow the advice and references provided in the book and I think you'll have a fair shot at seeing just where you qualify and what you energy improvement budget should be. Also keep in mind that energy mortgages are becoming more popular as well, so be sure to look into what they might offer.

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