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Learn How To Make Practical Energy Efficient Choices

Energy Efficient Choices

Practical Guidelines For Saving Energy In Your Home

Energy efficient products and resources that provide a practical guide for applying energy efficient strategies in your home.
Energy Efficiency
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Make an ‘Energy-Liberating’ Change in Your Life

Practical Approach of New Energy Guide Takes the
Guesswork Out of Going Green and Saving Energy

A new energy guide helps you identify which energy efficient changes save more money more quickly, allowing you to better decide which green choices are worth the cost.
This new book helps redefine the process of going green by emphasizing how a practical approach to saving energy can be less costly and more rewarding.     read more
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Energy News, Articles, and Events

The Truth About Money Saving Electric Heaters The Truth About Money Saving Electric Heaters
We have all seen the ads to cut heating bills in half with a $400 to $600 space-age electric heater. Some even sport a 'free' fireplace hand-crafted by the Amish. Are these deals too good to be true?
Searching for Your Green Career Aha Moment? Searching for Your Green Career Aha Moment?
Aha moments have transformed the careers, education choices, and retirement decisions for many people. For a jolt of inspiration, read their stories to gain insight in your quest for a green career.
Energy Saving Improvements For Older Homes Energy Saving Improvements For Older Homes
Making energy saving home improvements is vital to reducing the power and fuel consumption of older homes. We'll help you discover how to reduce the energy costs on older homes that have little insulation and multiple sources of drafts.
Energy Saving Tips for Renters Energy Saving Tips for Renters
You can reduce your home energy costs, even if you rent. If you are paying for heat, air conditioning, electricity or hot water, you could reduce these costs by making energy saving home improvements that pay you back with lower energy bills.

Recent Highlights

  • Learn all about Pole or Roof Mounted Residential Wind Turbines
    There are many types of wind turbines on the market, but which ones are truly homeowner friendly? Our selection of wind turbine energy generators only includes turbines you can install directly on your roof or optional pole.
  • Solar Power Sizing Calculator
    Determine the amount of solar power panels needed, the estimated installation costs and payback period so you can make an informed and practical choice about using solar energy.
  • Wind Turbine Power Sizing Calculator
    Is wind power right for you? Find out quickly with our wind power calculator. Simply provide the data requested and you'll instantly know how practical a wind turbine system would be for you.
  • In-Demand, Energy Saving Products
    There are thousands of energy saving and/or energy efficient products, but are they practical? Do they save more than they cost? Utilize our products in your home to experience the savings of being green.
  • Start a Home Based Business Weatherizing Homes
    A Home Based Business Weatherizing Homes is recession proof. Make $1000 a Week That is Totally Legitimate and Guaranteed To Work by providing a service inspecting, sealing and insulating homes.

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Favorite Topics

  • The Concept Behind the Pickens Plan
    The Pickens Plan is a bridge to the future - a blueprint to reduce foreign oil dependence by harnessing domestic energy alternatives, and buy us time to develop even greater new technologies
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